The months of September and October 2023 at La Galerie de Miss Rey

September & October 2023: Exhibitions and Events at La Galerie de Miss Rey

Our Exhibitions

Three new exhibitions await you during the period from mid-September to the end of October.

We welcome the following artists:

Robert Johnson who offers us his collection “ Robert Johnson pays tribute to CAVALIA“,

Mélyna Leclerc qui nous offre un regard sur sa collection « DIVINATIONS DE LA NUIT,

Claude Tousignant who exhibits his collection “ URBAN SCENES“.

Robert Johnson
Mélyna Leclerc
Claude Tousignant

Our Events

We have planned some artistic and cultural events to continue our mission: #keepartalive!

“To your measure” activity with Michelle Dozois

This jewelry making and custom fitting activity at La Galerie took place on September 2 and people were able to take advantage of the opportunity to browse the inventory of Mavra, handmade jewelry. Michelle will be there on September 17 in the afternoon to meet you again. The end of this “Marais” collection exhibition ends on September 17. A new collaboration soon begins with Michelle. Stay tuned!

Miss Rey’s 5 à 7 with...

*You are invited to attend our tenth “5 à 7 de Miss Rey avec…” of the year 2023! 

Miss Rey meets Claude Tousignant in a friendly moment on September 20 at 6:00 p.m. Connect on Facebook or the La Galerie de Miss Rey YouTube channel for this virtual 5 to 7.

Claude Tousignant self-portrait

Who will be the guest for Miss Rey's eleventh 5 à 7 with…? Stay tuned to find out!

The September ART VIP Opening

 It's the turn of our guest artists for the month of September-October to party with our 4th VIP Vernissage of the year 2023.

When? September 23, 2023 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Qui? Robert Johnson, Mélyna Leclerc et Claude Tousignant

How much is the ticket? 25$ + taxes, limited places

Click the button to obtain your tickets.

Nos partenaires pour le Vernissage VIP Septembr’ART sont…

Another Miss Rey Madness!

It's tea time at La Galerie de Miss Rey (Tea Time at the Gallery)

N.B. Cette activité est reportée à une date future

New: “It’s tea time at La Galerie de Miss Rey”

It is with great pleasure that I announce our event FIRST!
“It’s tea time at La Galerie de Miss Rey”
A series of conferences and tastings that harmonizes art and culture around the consumption of exotic teas!
The first tasting -> The Sencha, le  (date à détérminer) 
De 14h00 à 16h00
*In collaboration with the store The Emperor's teas (Saint-Hubert)
*Mireille Lechasseur, speaker
*Marianne Paquin violinist invitée
*Sweets by FG Chocolatiers

Online tickets, limited places

Inclus dans votre billet: Conférence à propos du thé japonais SENCHA animée par la conferencière Mireille Lechasseur (d’une durée de 40 minutes), démonstration de l’infusion et dégustation du Sencha (40 minutes) accompagnement sucreries de FG Chocolatrie.

Musique d’ambiance par Marianne Paquin. Visite libre de nos expositions suite à la dégustation.