The I ARTdin of the


Flowery fountain, feminine sculptures and mysterious paintings...enter the J'ARTdin de la Sérénity and contemplate the trees to the sound of flowing water.


Hélène Denis and Lina Loisel make a phenomenal duo! Hélène, she has lived in Outaouais since 1991, a large region rich in diversity and conducive to inspiration. She now has more than 30 years of artistic and professional life. Beautiful years of creation during which she developed a pictorial technique which is very personal and which has made her famous. As for Lina… “My origins, steeped in nature and its riches, contributed through these to giving rise in me to the need to translate the scenarios of my work using chosen materials (clay, wood, metal, etc.). work. »
Lina Loisel, sculptor of the j’ARTdins of Miss Rey 2024
Lina in her workshop


Affinity, 48 x 48, 2020$
Natural, 30 x 20, 1270$
Daisy, 40 cm x 20 cm, 1250$
The Tide Base, 30 x 30, 1270$
New Rain, 20 x 20, 1100$
Aline, 69 cm x 20 cm, 900$
Good Fishing, 9 x 12, 450$
Nuance, 9 x 12, 450$
Courtesy, 24 x 24, 1100$
The naughty girl, 37 cm x 23 cm, 825$

Some Mavra Bel jewels in the I ARTdin of Serenity