Claude Tousignant

Urban scenes

The exhibition “Urban Scenes” by Claude Tousignant from September 6 to October 29 in the Salon Passion is unique in its kind! The professional painter offers us a view of everyday life with colorful and bright urban landscapes. To have! (A must-see!)


Claude Tousignant was born in Montreal in 1960. A self-taught painter, drawing was his first passion, which clearly characterizes his artistic creation process. After studying graphic design, he worked for many years in the field of printing and participated in the production of art books both for museums and for new artists whom he enjoyed discovering.

He dabbles in several mediums including pastel and oil, but favors acrylic paint for its many creative possibilities.

His readings, live model workshops, visiting exhibitions nourish his research to perfect his technique. He travels through the neighborhoods of the cities he visits, always looking for subjects for his future creations. Montreal, his hometown, with its alleys and cafes remains a particular source of inspiration. 

His artistic approach is based on the concept of yin and yang, this notion of complementarity which we find in all aspects of life and which he applies in the interaction of colors between them and the treatment of his compositions. to bring his paintings to life.

(text taken from the home page of the artist's website)

Meet Claude at the Septembr'ART VIP Vernissage on September 23 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (tickets on sale through the La Galerie box office)


Self-portrait of the artist Claude Tousignant