Terms and conditions

Miss Rey's Gallery Pricing Policy

(*updated September 2022)

*All artwork is sold without warranty (with the exception of illuminated digital artwork).

*Prices do not include taxes (taxes extra).

*Prices include framing if a painting is framed.

*The gallery can provide an attestation or a certificate of authenticity for a work of art worth more than one hundred dollars ($100+).

*The gallery can provide an itemized tax receipt for the purchase of a work of art (excluding the purchase of one or more "Art à Porter" accessories).

Auction Policy for On-Line Bidding La Galerie de Miss Rey

Sign up

Create an account by signing up on the Home Page as a customer of La Galerie de Miss Rey.
Click on the tab at the top of the Home Page that says LOGIN.
Complete the information in the form under REGISTER. (User name, email address, password and confirmation of password). Click on the red button REGISTER to finalize the registration.
On the dashboard there is a title: AUCTIONS (or in French ENCHÈRES). This is the page where the items up for auction are listed.


A bid is considered to be a contract between the customer and La Galerie de Miss Rey. If a customer bids on a piece and wins the auction, the customer is responsible for that purchase.

Taxes and other fees are not included in a bid. Taxes and other charges that may apply (such as delivery fees) are added to the final, winning bid.

It is possible to bid the maximum amount for an item. Click on the tab BUY IT NOW.

Once the customer has placed a bid, a message box will pop-up to verify and confirm the bid. The purpose of this message box is to avoid bidding errors.

Bidding scales and durations vary according to the type of auction.

Withdrawing a Bid and Final Sale

A bid may not be withdrawn, it is final. The only exception is in the case of a major change in the description of an item up for auction.

La GDMR Delivery Cost Policy

Update September 2022
*The cost of delivery varies according to the size of the canvas (calculated in inches), the number of canvas and the mileage
*Cost does not include taxes (taxes not included)
*Packaging is included in the price
*If the number of canvas exceeds the capacity of the MRDG vehicle or if the oversized size requires a larger transport box, an additional fee will be charged if MRDG has to rent a truck. In this case, the vehicle rental is at the customer's expense.


  • Small canvases up to size 24 x 24 20$ ea.
  • Medium 30 x 30, 30 x36, 36 x 36 25$ each.
  • Large or oversized 36 x 40 or = $50 ea.
  • Any other dimension or number to be discussed
    (See note above)



  • Free within 25 km one way
  • 50km one way (100km back) – 50$
  • 51-74km – 70$
  • 75km – 100$
  • 76-99km – 150$
  • 100km – $200
  • 101km and + - To be discussed as needed