Miss Rey is pleased to announce a new service at the gallery: Service 2020.

Let us bring the art to YOU. Designed to help customers make the best selection of art to suit specific needs or desires, La Galerie de Miss Rey delivers a pre-selection of pieces for the customer to view in the desired location. The customer is under no obligation to purchase any of the pieces. However, if a purchase is made, the cost of handling and delivery is free. *NB This service is offered only within a 50 km radius from the gallery.


To begin, you must assess your needs (style, dimensions, space) then browse the virtual gallery and make a pre-selection of a few works that you would like to see in the targeted location. Note the title of the work and the name of the painter. Contact Miss Rey to make an appointment at the address where the work will be hung.

Another successful 20/20 Service with happy customers! One, two, three paintings sold with this unparalleled service! A home run for clients, artists and La Galerie de Miss Rey!

Service 20/20 hits another home run (pun intended!)

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