The I ARTdin of the


When you enter the j'ARTdin de la Jungle, you will feel like you are on a safari! Watch out for jaguars, tigers, and tropical birds. Anne-Marie Noble, animal painter, with her hyper-realism style amazes us with her jungle collection! Observe closely and you will meet the Heart of the Tree and The Warrior who protect the jungle.


Word from the artist:

My journey led me to the application of oil paint with a brush and airbrush. The technical intention is to communicate the real and present expression of the object of the work. 

My aspiration is to share my perception of emotion conveyed in reflections, lights, textures and movements. I deepen my artistic research through looks and other subjects in its proximity. I emphasize his ability to feel and communicate, mainly in the non-verbal. So far, the subject is generally animal. I am inspired by photos, assiduously with the permission of the photographer or through my own camera.



6 x 6, framed

Sculptures and jewelry in Le j'ARTdin d'Eden