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The Power of Images

Art evokes a consciousness, an emotion, an interpretation, a desire; treat yourself to a sensorial experience at La Galerie de Miss Rey.

Le pouvoir des images

L'art évoque une conscience, une émotion, une interpretation, un désir; régalez vos sens à La Galerie de Miss Rey.

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Une galerie unique à Chambly

 Régaler les oeuvres dans une ambiance conviviale

On vous attend!

Welcome to La Galerie de Miss Rey

Check out this great video showcasing Jeannine Michaud and France Malo

The Son of Scotland has arrived!

Son of Scotland -by Edith Auclair

Oil on canvas, 60" x 48"

Intensely Provocative

Available at La Galerie de Miss Rey

Ribbon cutting to officially open/Ruban inaugural à l'ouvertur de  La Galerie de Miss Rey

We are open for business! Nous sommes ouvert!

Enfin une galerie d'art à Chambly!

 On August 5th, Ms. Clea Reynolds (aka Miss Rey) , cut the inaugural ribbon to mark the official opening of La Galerie de Miss Rey. Now open to the public, the gallery is presently promoting five different artists. In hommage to her mother, Miss Rey has dedicated the gallery and one full wall to  her mother, Jeannine Michaud. Next, we see the world renown artistry of Ms. France Malo. A selection of sports themed pieces are displayed within the walls of "The Passion Room". For those who are passionate about cycling, La Galerie de Miss Rey is a great stopping place on the bike path. Next, we have Sarah Paré in "The Earth Room". Sarah's pieces inspire calmness and comfort as they portray contrasting colors and movement in abstract equilibrium. Our fourth artist, in the room called "Purity", is fine art painter Edith Auclair. Her selection of oil paintings on display brings pure inspiration to those who stand in awe of her technique. Our fifth artist, Rebecca Lynn Bradshaw, hails from Austin, Texas and her work was appreciated by all, especially her figurative pieces which captured the curiosity of  their admirers. 

All in all, the Grand Opening was a success... the most common comment that was said?  "Enfin une galerie d'art à Chambly!"   

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À partir du 24 août 2018

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1642 ave Bourgogne

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Events/ Événements

October-December 2018

Bientôt à / Coming soon to La Galerie de Miss Rey

1642 ave Bourgogne, Chambly, QC, J3L 1Y7

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October-December 2018

Bientôt à / Coming soon to La Galerie de Miss Rey

Régine Poirier           

Johanne Blaquière   

Monique Babeux

1642 ave Bourgogne, Chambly, QC, J3L 1Y7

Bienvenue à /Welcome Régine Poirier

Venez vivre l'effervescence de l'artiste-peintre Régine Poirier du 28 septembre au 28 octobre 2018 à La Galerie de Miss Rey.

Coming in 2019 : Manon Marchand

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La Galerie de Miss Rey is exhibiting art by: Edith Auclair, France Malo, Jeannine Michaud, Danielle Nadon, Sarah Paré and Michèle Seguin. 

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